Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What is Net NV?
    A: Net NV is a locally owned ISP based out of Reno Nevada that delivers high speed internet at affordable prices!

  2. Q: What equipment do we use to deliver internet service?
    A: We use high speed fixed wireless radio equipment to deliver some of the fastest available internet speeds in Nevada.

  3. Q: Is wireless as fast as other internet options?

    A: Yes! In fact, our internet service is often faster than our competitors because we only buy internet connectivity directly from tier 1 fiber backbone providers.

  4. Q: What is Net Neutrality and does Net NV support it?
    A: Net Neutrality is the idea that internet access should be open to all people equally and that those who control internet gateways should not alter or manipulate that access in any way. By repealing Net Neutrality, the FCC has opened the door for Internet Service Providers to control internet access as they see fit, giving "Privileged Content" priority over the rest. This has many implications and leaves huge potential for abuse. Net NV is a firm supporter of Net Neutrality and believes all internet access should be fair, equal, and affordable. We will never slow down or manipulate your internet traffic and we will never provide internet fast lanes for Privileged Content. It is our pledge to defend Net Neutrality and to continue providing outstanding service to our customers.

  5. Q: How can I learn more about getting internet service from Net NV?
    A: Send Us A Message